Our Venues


Pool dimensions: Size: 4.5m x 10m Depth: 0.85m to 1.5m

Viewing: There is a separate viewing gallery where you can sit and watch your child’s lessons

Parking Details / Directions

If there is sufficient space please park on the driveway, there should be enough space for 6 cars so please park bearing that in mind. Otherwise there should be more places in the lay-by or park further down the road.

Please avoid parking on the pavement or right on the corner. Yellow markers have been put onto the kerbs to indicate the areas that have been highlighted to us by the local community police as unsuitable for parking. Cars parked in these areas will be at risk of receiving a penalty notice.

As you are facing the front of the house you need to walk around the right side of the house through the gate and into the back garden. At the back of the house you see at set of steps that take you down into the garden and you enter the pool building via the conservatory.


Pool dimensions: Size: 7.5m x 14m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.8m

Viewing: There are seats along poolside for parents to sit and watch the lessons

Parking Details / Directions

The front entrance to Gordons School is off Bagshot road. Once you enter the school grounds follow the road to the right along the side of the parade ground to the far end. There are staff and visitor parking bays at this end that you can use.

Please take special note of the 5mile an hour speed limit on the school grounds.

The swimming pool is behind the chapel building at the end of the Parade Square. The male changing is at the front of the building and if you go round to the back of the pool building you will find the female changing rooms doors that you can enter.