We still have spaces available in our baby, toddler and preschool classes this term.

We are currently running a 6 week block of lessons starting the week commencing the 7th September  2020.  We are able to run small group classes for the parent and child groups (up to 3 years). The preschool classes are currently running as 1:1 lessons for the next 6 weeks. The bookings are available by following these links.

Parent and Child classes (between 09:30-12:00) from 3 months to 3 years


Preschool Classes (between 12:30-14:30) from 3 to 4 years


We are passionate about delivering high quality group swimming lessons to children of all ages. The group lessons are run in a safe, fun and relaxed environment and the small class sizes allow our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers to give each child the attention they need to enjoy a positive learning experience.

We provide parent and child, pre-schooler and after school and weekend swimming classes. Our structured and progressive group lessons ensure the swimmers spend time mastering the range of aquatic skills and follow a learning pathway which builds together the technical aspects of each stroke to enable them to become confident and competent swimmers.

Swimming Classes


The baby and toddler classes are suitable for children aged 3 months to 3 years. Each swimmer will need a parent or guardian to enter the water with them.



Typically, swimmers will move into pre-school classes the term they turn 3. They will then attend lessons without their parents. Small group sizes of 1 teacher to 3 children This allows the teacher to give plenty of attention to each child.



Once a swimmer starts in the reception year at school they move from our pre-schooler lessons into the after school or Saturday classes at Lightwater or the after school classes at Goldsworth. Group sizes are small and matched on ability and age as closely as possible.



Once a swimmer starts in the reception year at school they move from our pre-schooler lessons into the after school or Saturday classes at Lightwater or the after school classes at Goldsworth. Group sizes are small and matched on ability and age as closely as possible.



As the swimmers progress though the levels at the Lightwater and Goldsworth pool they are then offered the opportunity to take part in lessons at Gordons school. Here the lessons are focused towards stroke technique as well as building up their stamina swimming longer distances and learning diving and personal survival skills.



During every half term we hold a holiday course for term time swimmers and swimmers on our waiting lists. Holiday courses are brilliant for newcomers as it allows them to become familiar with the pool; it also gives swimmers a chance to learn and progress if they are on the waiting list.


Awards Scheme

The Aqua Kidz awards scheme is designed to take the swimmer on a journey from their first splash, increasing their confidence in the water, mastering the core aquatic skills and developing technical competence in the four competitive swimming strokes.

The stages follow a progressive pathway which develops skills such as safe entries and exits, buoyancy and balance, rotation and orientation, travel and co-ordination, streamlining and aquatic breathing as well as water safety and preparation for exercise.

Once the children start in the term time swimming lessons they are given an Aqua Kidz Swimming Awards sticker book. This book details the various levels and criteria require to achieve each award. Once the swimmer has passed the next level they are presented with a certificate and a sticker that they can place in their book.

Certificates & stickers are given out on the last swimming lesson of each term.


Throughout the stages swimmers will have the opportunity to gain distance badges. These are awarded for how far a child can swim with good technique.

A basic water safety award and personal survival certificate are also awarded to swimmers as they progress through the stages.


Swimmers begin to develop basic safety awareness, movement skills, water confidence and being at ease in the water. Main outcomes include safe entries and exits, blowing bubbles, basic floating and travel in the water up to 5 meters, with buoyancy aids.


This second stage sees the swimmers becoming completely “at home” on and under the water and developing control in aquatic breathing. Main outcomes include submersions, streamlining on front and back, rotation and travelling up to 10 meters on front and back without buoyancy aids.


The aim of this stage is to build competence in the early stages of swimming strokes, refining kicking techniques for all 4 swimming strokes and introduction of the arm actions. Further development of aquatic skills including streamlining, sculling and treading water.


Swimmers in the final stage of the awards scheme continue to develop the correct breathing, timing and co-ordination of all 4 swimming strokes in order to complete 25m of frontcrawl, backstroke, breaststroke and 15m of butterfly, demonstrating correct technique. Personal survival skills and diving are also taught at this stage.

Our Venues


Pool dimensions: Size: 4.5m x 10m Depth: 0.85m to 1.5m

Viewing: There is a separate viewing gallery where you can sit and watch your child’s lessons

Parking Details / Directions

If there is sufficient space please park on the driveway, there should be enough space for 6 cars so please park bearing that in mind. Otherwise there should be more places in the lay-by or park further down the road.

Please avoid parking on the pavement or right on the corner. Yellow markers have been put onto the kerbs to indicate the areas that have been highlighted to us by the local community police as unsuitable for parking. Cars parked in these areas will be at risk of receiving a penalty notice.

As you are facing the front of the house you need to walk around the right side of the house through the gate and into the back garden. At the back of the house you see at set of steps that take you down into the garden and you enter the pool building via the conservatory.


Pool dimensions: Size: 6m x 14m   Depth: 1m throughout

Viewing: There are seats along poolside for parents to sit and watch the lessons.

Parking Details / Directions

Please park in the school car park. As you are facing the front of the school follow the path to the right that will lead you around to the swimming pool. Please enter the pool room quietly. We have been asked if swimmers can avoid entering the pool room before 16.20 on Tuesdays and 15.50 on Thursdays so as not to disturb the school lessons that are taking place in the pool before our lessons start.


Pool dimensions: Size: 7.5m x 14m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.8m

Viewing: There are seats along poolside for parents to sit and watch the lessons

Parking Details / Directions

The front entrance to Gordons School is off Bagshot road. Once you enter the school grounds follow the road to the right along the side of the parade ground to the far end. There are staff and visitor parking bays at this end that you can use.

Please take special note of the 5mile an hour speed limit on the school grounds.

The swimming pool is behind the chapel building at the end of the Parade Square. The male changing is at the front of the building and if you go round to the back of the pool building you will find the female changing rooms doors that you can enter.

Term Dates


The January Term is an 10 week term, with a 2 week break for half term.

DayVenueFirst LessonNo SwimmingLast Lesson
MondayLightwater & Gordons School6th January10th & 17th February23rd March
TuesdayLightwater, Gordons School & Goldsworth7th January11th & 18th February24th March
WednesdayLightwater & Gordons School8th January12th & 19th February25th March
ThursdayLightwater, Gordons School & Goldsworth9th January13th & 20th February26th March
FridayLightwater & Gordons School10th January14th & 21st February27th March
SaturdayLightwater11th January15th & 22nd February28th March

Contact us

Please complete our online enquiry form below or contact AquaKidz on 0560 3852580  or email us at swim@aquakidz.co.uk.

More information on venue addresses and maps are available here.


Children should bring their swimming costumes and we ask that children all wear swimming caps in the pool. If they wish to bring along goggles then this is fine (hats and goggles will be available at the pool to purchase). All swimming aids, if required, will be provided.